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RecycleKiwi – A community recycling initiative by CrestClean

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Indi and RecycleKiwi are here to help schools, businesses and organisations improve their recycling efforts with interesting and fun educational resources.

Education is the key to changing behaviours around waste minimisation. People of all ages need to understand the impact that waste has on our natural environment and learn the 4 R’s of recycling.

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Learn more about the 4 R’s

Video Resources

Great news! We have now made all of our educational videos available for download. These videos make a great educational resource for schools and organisations. Download, watch and share!

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Introducing the 4 R’s and the Environment

Shopping to minimise waste thumbnail

Shopping Tips for Waste Minimisation

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Introducing the New Recycling Standards

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Recycling Metal Bottle Top and Lids

RecycleKiwi making of me

The Making of 3D RecycleKiwi

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New 3D RecycleKiwi Logo Animation

The Famous RecycleKiwi Resources Pack

The RecycleKiwi Resources Pack has everything you need to kick-start your waste management and recycling programme.
It’s free to order one for your school, business or organisation.

So, what’s in the pack…


A large wall poster to help promote recycling awareness.


Sticker Set for you to create your own recycling system

You can easily turn any rubbish bin into a recycling bin.


Poster Set to highlight your recycling system

7 colourful wall posters to display recycling information… great for highlighting your recycling station.

In the below video Indi takes us through the development of our new 3D RecycleKiwi… and plays some beach cricket along the way.

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