Learn about the 4 R's of recycling:


Choose to Reuse

Reuse, repair and share things to give them a second life cycle. Wash and reuse containers, repair broken items and share or sell your unwanted goods.

We Throw Away Too Much

Too many items are single-use products that can’t be recycled and go straight into landfill after one use.

We need to change our behaviours and create a more circular economy.

Donating used goods to secondhand stores is an easy way to reduce our overall waste.

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What is the circular economy?

It’s all about giving products another life cycle. Reusing rather than throwing out and replacing.


Buying a wetsuit

Linear Economy – Buy the cheapest suit you can find

Circular Economy – Choose a suit manufactured from recycled materials or buy a pre-owned suit


Doesn’t fit anymore

Linear Economy – Toss it

Circular Economy – Give it to an op-shop, sell it on TradeMe, or get trade-in value with an organisation such as Seventhwave

Old Wetsuit


Wetsuit zipper broken?

Linear Economy – Toss it

Circular Economy – Repair it. Using some craft skills you can repair the broken zipper on a wetsuit.

View the tutorial here


Wetsuit worn out?

Linear Economy – Toss it

Circular Economy – Reuse it. Turn the broken wetsuit into cool neoprene goods.

Learn more here


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Did you know…

  • Paper can only be recycled about 4-6 times, so it’s good to get the most use out of it.
  • Plastic packaging, such as clingfilm, bubble wrap, and squeezable bottles, is not recyclable.
  • Using a reusable water bottle saves hundreds of plastic bottles a year ending up as waste.

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