Recycling resources for your school or workplace

RecycleKiwi has free resources to set up your own recycling system and help reduce waste at your school, business or organisation.

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Here’s what’s in the pack…

A Large Wall Poster to help promote recycling awareness

A Sticker Set for you to create your own recycling system

You can easily turn any rubbish bins into waste separation bins. Each pack contains 4 bin stickers for each of the 5 types of waste.

A Poster Set to highlight your recycling system

5 colourful wall posters to display recycling information… great for highlighting your recycling station. It’s very important to separate recyclables correctly to avoid contamination of the waste collection.

The posters are bilingual, with all key words written in te reo Māori.

An Activity Pad of detailed colouring pages

Free 20-sheet pack of detailed colouring pages.

You can also download and print the image.


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