RecycleKiwi brings the 4R’s to your school

CrestClean is proud to announce the launch of a public education programme to help improve waste management in New Zealand.

RecycleKiwi shares fun and engaging resources and activities to educate kids and consumers on the 4R’s – Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle – which are critical to minimising the negative impacts of rubbish on our environment.

CrestClean’s Managing Director Grant McLauchlan says urgent action is needed and collectively we can all make a big difference by changing our habits.

CrestClean’s Managing Director Grant McLauchlan at the launch of RecycleKiwi during the New Zealand Principals’ Federation conference.

“New Zealand is part of a global plastic and pollution crisis. If we keep on a business-as-usual course, we’re going to have more plastic in the ocean than fish by the time my sons are my age today.

“We have a tremendous task ahead of us as a country, and with nearly 5000 customers nationwide, including more than 500 schools, CrestClean has a role to play in helping our customers tackle this issue on the ground, in the classrooms and offices that we clean every day.”

The 4R’s are a comprehensive process to reduce, refuse, reuse or recycle the many different types of waste encountered in our day-to-day activities, such as going to school or spending a day at the beach.

On board with RecycleKiwi’s message are Ben and Sam O’Dea, professional beach volleyball players and Commonwealth Games medalists.

The duo want the public’s help in cleanup efforts to make New Zealand beaches “nothing but beach”.

Via a dedicated website, RecycleKiwi shares educational materials, links to vetted information and engaging activities. There’s also a RecycleKiwi Resource Pack, which is available to anyone wishing to set up a more comprehensive waste management system in their classroom or school, office or business.

“What we’re seeing amongst our customers is a real desire to do more or do better”

“What we’re seeing amongst our customers is a real desire to do more or do better,” McLauchlan says. “But there’s lack of comprehensive resources and information available and that’s what RecycleKiwi provides.

“The key is to make the 4R’s a habit and part of Kiwi culture, so eventually important actions like refusing unnecessary packaging, reducing single-use plastic and recycling everything properly are all things people are able to do as they go about their day.”

The RecycleKiwi Resources Pack contains the necessary items to launch a comprehensive waste management and minimisation programme, including informational posters and stickers that can transform any suitable containers into dedicated recycling, composting and rubbish bins.

The pack also includes fun RecycleKiwi colouring pages to inspire kids to be better stewards of our beaches. The posters and bin stickers are bilingual, with all key words written in te reo Maori.

RecycleKiwi was officially announced on July 3 in Auckland at the 2019 New Zealand Principals’ Federation conference, of which CrestClean is a Gold Business Partner.

“As leaders in the field of sustainable cleaning, we can use our platform and experience to help school leaders educate kids about the importance of this issue,” says McLauchlan. “RecycleKiwi is the natural next step in our ongoing quest to improve our environmental and corporate social responsibility.”

CrestClean’s cleaning services are accredited by New Zealand’s official eco-labelling programme, Environmental Choice, which independently audits products and services to verify they meet stringent environmental standards.

CrestClean is one of only two commercial cleaning companies to have Environmental Choice accreditation, and the only one with a national service.

“Education is the key to changing behaviours around waste minimisation, which is why we are working so closely with schools on this project,” says McLauchlan.

“However, people of all ages need to understand the impact that waste has on our natural environment and learn the 4R’s of recycling.”