Principals quick to get on board with RecycleKiwi

RecycleKiwi was officially announced at the 2019 New Zealand Principals’ Federation conference, of which CrestClean is a Gold Business Partner.

Principals from around the country listened intently as CrestClean’s Managing Director Grant McLauchlan explained RecycleKiwi and showed a short video highlighting its key aims.

Following Grant’s presentation CrestClean personnel attending the event were inundated with requests for information on RecycleKiwi and pre-prepared resources boxes quickly ran out.

Viky Narayan, CrestClean’s Auckland South Regional Director, says the feedback was extremely positive. “The principals I spoke to love the idea and the way we have provided free resources and put a lot of thought into RecycleKiwi.

“Others told me it is a superb idea of educating kids to teach them about recycling by getting them directly involved.”

Within half an hour of RecycleKiwi being launched, CrestClean personnel at the conference had given away all 70 pre-prepared resource boxes as teachers rushed to get on board with the new programme.

Other principals went to the RecycleKiwi website to have the resource boxes couriered directly to their school.

“As soon as the website went live some principals went online to order extra stickers and posters,” says Viky.