World Recycling

5 best recycling practices from around the world

UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 12 sets out the need to foster sustainable and environmentally-responsible consumption and production patterns. Within the scope of this goal, one of the key strategies that countries need to embrace is the so-called “three Rs”

Cup and bottle waste – reducing efforts

The number of disposable coffee cups used in Queenstown could begin to tumble thanks to one of six initiatives granted council funding to reduce waste. Queenstown-Lakes District Council general manager property and infrastructure Peter Hansby said the $60,000 Waste Minimisation

Every Cuppa Counts

MythMost people believe disposable coffee cups can be recycled or composted. RealityThe mixture of plastic and paper in the lining makes them difficult to recycle; compostable cups can only be composted in high-heat, industrial composting facilities, not your backyard worm

Package-Free Shopping on the South Island

Auckland-based GoodFor, which sells bulk products to customers who bring their own jars and boxes, is moving to Christchurch and opening a Wellington shop in November. GoodFor goes beyond the plastic bag ban and sells food and other household items

Students Study Rubbish Bins for Solutions

It may seem disgusting to dig through rubbish bins, but these Marlborough Girls College also say “It’s kind of disgusting to think how much food goes to waste.” The girls undertook an audit of all the waste generated by their