Why your ‘wishcycling’ can do more harm than good

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Contaminating the waste stream with material that is not actually recyclable makes the sorting process more costly because it requires extra labor. Wishcycling also damages sorting systems and equipment and depresses an already fragile trading market.

Plastics and recycling – time to get organised

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While Kiwi shoppers have embraced the ban on single-use plastic bags, major businesses here are now working hard on long term solutions. There’s an urgent need to rethink and redesign the products we make together with their packaging.

Could you be plastic-free?

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Could you be waste-free for one whole day? What about a week or a month? – Join people from all around the world and take the Plastic Free July Challenge.

Last Straw for Wellington

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After discovering that some Wellington restaurants were giving out more than 800 straws per week, a stretch of waterfront businesses banned them.