Why your ‘wishcycling’ can do more harm than good

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Contaminating the waste stream with material that is not actually recyclable makes the sorting process more costly because it requires extra labor. Wishcycling also damages sorting systems and equipment and depresses an already fragile trading market.

Plan aims to boost plastic recycling

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A Southland recycling company will invest $1.5million in a new plant with the aim to sort the region’s problem with bale wrap while generating potentially 20 new jobs.

Fletcher Building to convert tyres into cement

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Fletcher Building is hoping a new initiative will stop 3 million used tyres a year being sent to landfills, and instead use them in cement manufacturing. The tyres are burnt and the rubber, metal and ash combined into the cement.

Microwaves could be the future for plastic recycling

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It’s been almost a decade since Jocelyn Doucet first experimented with recycling plastic waste in a microwave. Now he says the technology derived from those early efforts will make it possible to produce plastic almost exclusively from recycled materials.