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Fletcher Building to convert tyres into cement

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Fletcher Building is hoping a new initiative will stop 3 million used tyres a year being sent to landfills, and instead use them in cement manufacturing. The tyres are burnt and the rubber, metal and ash combined into the cement.

Plastics and recycling – time to get organised

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While Kiwi shoppers have embraced the ban on single-use plastic bags, major businesses here are now working hard on long term solutions. There’s an urgent need to rethink and redesign the products we make together with their packaging.

Soft plastic recycling resumes in Christchurch

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Special recycling bins for plastic wrappers and bags have returned to four Countdown supermarkets and seven The Warehouse stores across Christchurch. More locations including New World stores will join the programme over the coming weeks.

Taupō District brings back recycling for number 5 plastics

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From February 1, Taupō residents can recycle number 5 plastics, along with plastics number 1 and 2. Broadly speaking, number 5 plastics include yogurt containers, cereal box liners, plastic bottle tops and kitchenware such as disposable plates, cups, and cutlery.