Beach Brothers

How to shop sustainably video

Beach Brothers

Check out our new video featuring the O’Dea Beach Brothers walking us through their local supermarket to share some useful tips on how we can make good choices while shopping to help reduce waste going into landfill.

RecycleKiwi wings his way to the Olympics

Beach Brothers Recycle

RecycleKiwi Ambassadors Sam and Ben O’Dea have taken a special travelling companion with them in their Olympic quest. ‘RecycleKiwi’ himself — the initiative’s feathered mascot — has taken flight with the beach brothers to help raise awareness about recycling and

Beach Brothers’ Olympic quest

Beach Brothers Recycle Reduce Refuse Reuse

Wishing RecycleKiwi Ambassadors Sam and Ben O’Dea all the best as they head off overseas in a bid to qualify for the Olympics. In a parting 1 NEWS interview Sam and Ben talk about their exciting training regime.